Think Global, Go Global (TGG)

Think Global, Go Global (TGG)

Going global and achieving ultimate recognition has always been a lifelong quest for ambitious and highly motivated people. The “Think Global Go Global” (TGG) initiative is a unique platform developed by the HCLA Network to identify, mentor and internationalize talented and insightful people. The program is built on two fundamental pillars, Law and Business, and aim to mentor and support lawyers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and talented individuals who wish to advance their business and skills beyond borders. The TGG series is available in two editions:

  1. Public Edition, which is available online on the HCLA website and social media accounts.
  2. Limited Edition, which is designed for individuals and targeted audiences through online or in-person meetings in The Hague, Brussels, Dubai, and Paris.

The TGG series comprises of various courses, workshops, meetings, and networking opportunities, through which HCLA members from around the world, including top international lawyers, entrepreneurs, and successful corporate coaches, discuss facts and figures, and share their insights and tips with participants. The TGG is cautiously designed to give the attendees the possibility to enhance their skills and take them across borders.

For more information on the TGG editions, please send us an email to [email protected]

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