Cross-Border Cases: Optimizing Business, Minimizing Disputes

Cross-Border Cases: Optimizing Business, Minimizing Disputes

Companies intending to conduct business in other countries generally seek the advice of national and international legal and business experts to review the target market, the relevant rules and regulations, and all potential benefits and risks. However, the question remains: why is there still a rapid increase in the number of business disputes around the world?

Building on HCLA’s extensive experience in major international litigation and arbitration, an interdisciplinary program called “Optimizing Business, Minimizing Disputes” has been developed by the HCLA. As part of this program, the HCLA collected and analyzed all relevant laws and regulations, as well as significant case law from a selected group of countries.

The program provides businesses and public authorities, particularly from the EU, with the necessary legal and management advice, including an insight into the commercial, cultural, and social components of these countries. The program goes beyond the conventional context and helps companies and authorities to move away from the traditional approach in order to maximize their overall benefits and minimize the burden of litigation.

HCLA currently focuses on eight target countries for EU companies, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Oman, and Uzbekistan.

Companies or institutions that intend to expand their activities in these target countries can contact HCLA for more information, via [email protected]