HCLA PROJECT “Post-Crisis Roadmaps”

HCLA PROJECT “Post-Crisis Roadmaps”

Part One: Post-Sanctions Period

Innovation and forward thinking are key principles for success in the international legal and economic fields. This is particularly relevant in the post-crisis phase as far as sanctions and trade embargoes are concerned.

Building on its experiences in legal and academic activities, including the book “Economic Sanctions under International Law“, HCLA, with the support of several leading international lawyers and economists, has launched the “Post-Sanction Roadmap Project”. By means of case studies and the scenario planning approach, this project will analyze the current state of bilateral and multilateral sanctions and their impact on various industries and enterprises with a view to developing a sustainable post-sanctions roadmap.

For further information and enquiries regarding participation in the project, please contact the HCLA at :[email protected]

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