A Thorough Study of the Legal and Economic System of Uzbekistan

A Thorough Study of the Legal and Economic System of Uzbekistan

It is always exciting to hear stories about cities and nations with a very rich cultural, commercial, and artistic history. Looking at the pages of the nations’ history, we can still hear with our hearts the sound of the bells of the caravans, exporting goods and arts from Samarkand and Bukhara to all over the world. Building on its proud history and civilization, the Government of Uzbekistan has introduced a relatively new and modern set of regulations governing foreign investment while also developing economic zones and business hubs to accommodate businesses and investors from all over the world.

HCLA Legal & Business Studies

Investors and entrepreneurs are by definition prudent and only invest in markets where the security of the market – and by extension, of their investment – can be guaranteed. Within the framework of the HCLA “Law & Business” program, which provides reliable sources and analysis to businesses, enterprises, and government agencies, a team of legal and economic experts from the HCLA is conducting an in-depth study of Uzbekistan’s legal and economic system.

In this study, the HCLA team seeks to identify recent measures and revisions introduced by the government of Uzbekistan to make the country’s investment environment more attractive. The study aims to address questions stemming from these measures so that investors wishing to go to Uzbekistan can have an accurate depiction of the new investment environment. The study will answer questions such as how potential investors could have confidence in the measures and regulations adopted by the Uzbek Government; what innovations or incentives these changes offer investors; and, whether these initiatives will have real and immediate constructive results in the near future.

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