Misleading and Confusing Trade Names

Misleading and Confusing Trade Names

The HCLA has received several questions about individuals or paper companies, that use confusing and remarkably similar names to those of other established businesses including, HCLA, and claim to provide the same type of services from the Netherlands. In this respect, we would like to make the following statement:

The registration of a company or name in many EU countries is an easy and straightforward procedure. Individuals are free to set up a company and to use generic names such as “The Hague”, “Group”, etc. However, as the law and the jurisprudence of the Dutch courts instruct, setting up a business using misleading or confusing names is a clear violation of commercial law. 

The HCLA-NETWORK is a well-recognized establishment based in The Hague, which retains several trade names. We are committed to working with leading lawyers and business owners around the world; at the same time, we do not hesitate to take all necessary legal action against anyone who attempts to harm the reputation and trademark of HCLA or those of our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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