Resort to the HCLA’s Negotiation and Mediation Services is Growing Rapidly

Resort to the HCLA’s Negotiation and Mediation Services is Growing Rapidly

The HCLA’s excellent track record and an extensive network of leading lawyers, business owners, and transnational entities, as well as its logistical resources and venue, have led many companies and law firms to avail themselves of the HCLA’s negotiation and mediation procedures and services. The trust placed in the HCLA by leading international companies and institutions means a greater responsibility for the HCLA- NETWORK to provide excellent, dedicated, confidential and professional services.

The HCLA also offers Med-Arb services, i.e., a mixture of mediation and arbitration, whereby the parties may initiate mediation before resorting to arbitration. This will result in savings in costs and time, allowing for parties to continue to arbitration in case of unsuccessful mediation, without repeating the exchanges and submissions made during the mediation process. The move to arbitration will also be a lot smoother and less time-consuming.

  • HCLA Mediation Procedures

The HCLA has developed and implemented mediation procedures that are both flexible and remarkably effective. In preparing the HCLA’s procedures, we have endeavored to consult model laws and procedures, including UNCITRAL, and to examine their pros and cons. In addition to this, the HCLA has established a working group to review and further develop a more responsive mechanism for mediation to reflect all recent developments in international business transactions.

  • HCLA List of Mediators

The HCLA roster of mediators includes nominated senior international lawyers, arbitrators, international civil servants, business consultants, and economists, with at least 15 years of recognized experience in international business transactions and dispute resolution. It goes without saying that the interested parties are not limited to the HCLA roster and may select their own mediators. For further information on how to use the HCLA’s negotiation and mediation services, or to find out more about working as a mediator in HCLA cases, please contact:  [email protected]