Antonios Tzanakopoulos

E‐mail: [email protected]
Language: German, Greek, French

  • Work Experience
  • Publications
  • University Lecturer in Public International Law University of Oxford (Sep 2012–)

  • Fellow in Law St Anne’s College, Oxford (Sep 2012–)

  • Lecturer in International Law University of Glasgow School of Law (Sep 2009–) (from Sep 2011 PT)


  • Lecturer in Law University College London Faculty of Laws (Sep 2011–Sep 2012)

  • Lecturer | Tutorial Supervisor University of Oxford Foreign Service Programme (2006–9)

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant University of Oxford Faculty of Law (2006–9)

  • o University of Oxford: Mansfield College (2007–10)

    • Member Oxford Pro Bono Publico | Business and Human Rights (2008)

    • Collaborateur scientifique Hellenic Institute of International & Foreign Law (2008–)

    • Reporter (UK and Greece) International Law in Domestic Courts | OUP (2007–)

    • Peer Reviewer for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Brill, the National Research

      Foundation (Republic of South Africa), the German Yearbook of International Law, the Asian Journal of International Law, Global Constitutionalism, the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and others (2011–)

    • PhD Examiner (internal and external, for upgrades and final examination, including conducting theviva voce) for the University of Oxford, the University of Glasgow, the University of Birmingham, and Brunel University (2011–)


    • Prof Vaughan Lowe QC (University of Oxford) (2008–9)

    • Prof Giorgio Gaja (International Law Commission, UN Office Geneva) (May–August 2005)

    • Prof Benedict Kingsbury (NYU Law, IILJ) (October 2004–May 2005)

    • Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    o Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations, New York (2004–5)o Special Legal Department, Athens (2002–4)

    EDITORIAL RESPONSIBILITIES (see PUBLICATIONS for edited books)• Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts

    o Member of the Editorial Board (2012–)

    o Associate Editor (2009–11)

    • Revue hellénique de droit international Editor (2005–8)

    • NYU Journal of International Law and Politics Graduate Editor (2004–5)

    • Εφαρμογές Δημοσίου Δικαίου (=Public Law Applications)

      Tutor University of Georgia at Athens (UGA) Oxford Programme (2007–9)

        1. ACADEMIC POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY (other than regular employment)

      • Visiting Lectureships

      o King’s College London postgraduate seminars in the International Human Rights Law LL M course (Jan 2012–May 2014)

      o Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X) postgraduate seminars on the conflict of norms in international law in the framework of the course Droit des relations internationales et de l’Union européenne (Feb–May 2011)

      • International Law Association
      o Joint Secretary (academic) British Branch (Dec 2011–)
      o Co-Rapporteur Headquarters | Study Group on Principles on the Application of International

      Law by Domestic Courts [with Y Shany] (May 2011–)
      o Convener British Branch | Seminar Series | University College London (2012)
      o Convener British Branch | Seminar Series | University of Glasgow [with CJ Tams] (2011)
      o Convener British Branch | Public International Law Discussion Group | University of Oxford

      [with M Paparinskis; M Karavias] (2007–8)

          • Leader Roundtables on International Law in Domestic Courts for high-ranking Judges and practitioners

            from East Africa (held in Kampala, Uganda) and West Africa (held in Cotonou, Benin) | co-organized by the Judicial Studies Institute of Uganda | the West African Bar Association | and the Universities of Pretoria and Amsterdam (July and October 2010)

          • Member Second Instance (Highest) Assessment Panel for PhD scholarships | Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Education | National Strategic Reference Framework (2010)

          • Member Law Admissions Committee

      o University of Oxford: St Anne’s College (2006) (2012–)o University College London: Faculty of Laws (2011) Editor-in-chief (2003–4)o Staff Editor (2002–3)

A. Books


1. Disobeying the Security Council—Countermeasures against Wrongful Sanctions (OUP, Oxford 2011) (Series: Oxford Monographs in International Law) xxxii+243 pp

o Paperback edition with a new introduction (OUP, Oxford 2013) xli+243 pp
o Prix Georges Tenékidès for best doctoral thesis in the biennium 2009–10 awarded by the Hellenic

Society of International Law and International Relations (2011)

o Reviewed in:

  • §  (2010 [published in 2011]) 56 Annuaire français de droit international 996 (by Anne-Marie

    Werner) [in French];

  • §  (2011) 138 Journal du droit international 805–809 (by Robert Kolb) [in French];

  • §  (2011) 48 Common Market Law Review 1746–1748 (by Eileen Denza);

  • §  (2011) 10 Chinese Journal of International Law 671–672 (by Sienho Yee);

  • §  (2011) 11 Państwo i Prawo 109–112 (by Łukasz Augustyniak) [in Polish];

  • §  (2011) 115 Revue générale de droit international public 1016 (by Anne-Catherine Fortas)

    [in French];

  • §  (2011) 8 International Organizations Law Review 483–489 (by Jan Klabbers);

  • §  (2011 [published in 2012]) 82 British Year Book of International Law 556–558 (by Matthew


  • §  (2012) 16 Edinburgh Law Review 141–142 (by Marko Milanović);

  • §  (2012) 59 Netherlands International Law Review 129–132 (by Frédéric Dopagne);

  • §  (2012) 25 Leiden Journal of International Law 564–570 (by Thomas Liefländer);

  • §  (2012) 16 Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law 467–472 (by Clemens A Feinäugle);

  • §  (2012 [published in 2013]) 30 Australian Year Book of International Law 232–236 (by

    Christopher Ward);

  • §  (2013) 3 Asian Journal of International Law 196–198 (by Christiane Ahlborn)

o Discussed in: [2011] EJIL: Talk! (May 21–30) [www.ejiltalk.org] (by Erika de Wet; Matthew Happold; Marko Milanović)

2. The Binding Force of Provisional Measures Indicated by International Courts (Sakkoulas, Athens 2006) 133 pp [in Greek]


3. (editor) The Settlement of International Disputes: Basic Documents (Hart, Oxford 2012) (Series: Documents in International Law) xx + 838 pp [with Christian J Tams]

o Reviewed in:

  • §  (2013) Transnational Dispute Management (by Timothy L Froden);

  • §  (2013) 72 Cambridge Law Journal 224–227 (by Yoshifumi Tanaka)

  1. (assistant editor) The United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and their Property—A Commentary (OUP, Oxford 2013) (Series: Oxford Commentaries on International Law) xlii + 465 pp [with Roger O’Keefe and Christian J Tams (eds)]

  2. (assistant editor) The International Responsibility of States in the Articles of the ILC, in International Jurisprudence and Literature (Sakkoulas, Athens 2004) 157 pp [in Greek] [with Angelos Yiokaris, Photini Pazartzis (eds), Lydia-Maria Bolani, Markos Karavias, Vaios Koutroulis (asst eds)]

B. Articles and Contributions to Collective Works

6. ‘Domestic Courts as Agents of Development of International Law’ (2013) 26 Leiden Journal of International Law (forthcoming) (5,000 words) [with Christian J Tams]

  1. ‘Domestic Judicial Law-Making’ in Catherine M Brölmann and Yannick Radi (eds) Research Handbook on the Theory and Practice of International Law-Making (forthcoming: Edward Elgar, Cheltenham 2013) (10,000 words)

  2. ‘L’invocation de la théorie des contre-mesures en tant que justification de la désobéissance au Conseil de sécurité’ (2013) 46 Revue belge de droit international (forthcoming) (12,000 words)

  3. ‘Préambule’ in Robert Kolb (ed) Le Pacte de la Société des Nations—Commentaire article par article(forthcoming: Pedone, Paris 2013) (5,000 words)

  4. ‘ContemporaryPositivismandtheJusadbellum’inJeand’AspremontandJörgKammerhofer(eds)International Legal Positivism in a Postmodern World (forthcoming: CUP, Cambridge 2013) [with Christian J Tams] (10,000 words)

  5. ‘TheDevelopmentoftheLawoftheSeabytheInternationalCourtofJustice’inJamesSloanand Christian J Tams (eds) The Development of International Law by the International Court of Justice(OUP, Oxford 2013) 177–193 [with Vaughan Lowe]

  6. ‘InternationalOrganizationsbeforeUnitedKingdomCourts’inAugustReinisch(ed)Transnational Judicial Conversations on the Personality, Privileges and Immunities of International Organizations(OUP, Oxford 2013) 275–302 [with Dan Sarooshi]

  7. ‘TransparencyintheUNSecurityCouncil’inAndreaBianchiandAnnePeters(eds)Transparencyin International Law (CUP, Cambridge 2013) 367–391

  8. ‘TheCountermeasureofDisobedience:ImplementingtheResponsibilityofInternational Organisations’ in Maurizio Ragazzi (ed) The Responsibility of International Organisations: Essays in Memory of Sir Ian Brownlie (Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden 2013) 161–172

  9. ‘Article30’and‘Article31’inRogerO’KeefeandChristianJTams(eds)TheUnitedNations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and their Property—A Commentary (OUP, Oxford 2013) 406–409 and 410–414

  10. ‘ThePermanentCourtofInternationalJusticeandthe“InternationalCommunity”’inMalgosia Fitzmaurice and Christian J Tams (eds) Legacies of the Permanent Court of International Justice(Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden 2013) 337–359

  11. ‘TheAbyeiArbitration’inTheAbyeiArbitration(TheGovernementofSudan/TheSudanPeople’s Liberation Movement/Army): Final Award of 2009 (Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague 2012) 1–33 [with Vaughan Lowe]

  12. ContributionsinRüdigerWolfrum(ed)MaxPlanckEncyclopediaofPublicInternationalLaw(OUP, Oxford 2012) [with Vaughan Lowe]:

o ‘Economic Warfare’ vol III, 330–339;
o ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ vol V, 47–59;
o ‘Minquiers and Ecrehos Case’ vol VII, 277–280;o ‘Ships, Visit and Search’ vol IX, 179–188

  1. ‘CollectiveSecurityandHumanRights’inErikadeWetandJureVidmar(eds)Hierarchyin International Law: The Place of Human Rights (OUP, Oxford 2012) 42–70

  2. ‘JudicialDialogueinMulti-levelGovernance:theImpactoftheSolangeArgument’inOleKristian Fauchald and André Nollkaemper (eds) The Practice of International and National Courts and the (De-) Fragmentation of International Law (Hart, Oxford 2012) 185–215

  3. ‘DomesticCourtsasthe“NaturalJudge”ofInternationalLaw:AChangeinPhysiognomy’inJames Crawford and Sarah Nouwen (eds) Select Proceedings of the European Society of International Law(vol 3, Hart, Oxford 2012) 155–168

  4. ‘DomesticCourtsinInternationalLaw:theInternationalJudicialFunctionofNationalCourts’(2011) 34 Loyola of Los Angeles International & Comparative Law Review 133–168

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  6. ‘Article67—Conventionof1969’and‘Article68—Conventionof1969’inOlivierCortenandPierre Klein (eds) The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties—A Commentary (OUP, Oxford 2011) 1546–1558 and 1564–1568

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  7. ‘TheMinorityProtectionsSystemsoftheLeagueofNationsandtheCouncilofEurope:A Comparative Study’ (2003) 16 Public Law Applications 817–851 [in Greek]

C. Selected Shorter Articles, Notes, and other Contributions

  1. ‘Préface’inAlainPellet,Ledroitinternationalentresouverainetéetcommunauté(forthcoming: Pedone, Paris 2013) (2,500 words) [with Freya Baetens and Marko Milanović]

  2. ‘SharingResponsibilityforUNTargetedSanctions’[2013]SHARESBlog(Feb13)cross-postedon [2013] EJIL: Talk! (Feb 14) (2,000 words)

  3. ‘LegalityofVetotoNATOAccession:CommentontheICJ’sDecisionintheDisputebetweenfYR Macedonia and Greece’ [2011] EJIL: Talk! (Dec 7) (4,000 words)

  4. ‘IGH:GutachtenzurUnabhängigkeitKosovos’(2011)59VereinteNationen80–82(2,500words) [with Christian J Tams]

  5. ‘TheUN/FrenchUseofForceinAbidjan:UncertaintiesRegardingtheScopeofUNAuthorizations’ [2011] EJIL: Talk! (Apr 9) (2,500 words)

  6. ‘TheDistomoCase:GreecetoInterveneintheSovereignImmunityDisputebetweenGermanyand Italy before the ICJ’ [2011] EJIL: Talk! (Jan 17) (1,500 words)

  7. ‘KadiII:The1267SanctionsRegime(Back)BeforetheGeneralCourtoftheEU’[2010]EJIL:Talk! (Nov 16) (3,000 words)

  8. ‘TheUKSupremeCourtQuashesDomesticMeasuresImplementingUNSanctions’[2010]EJIL:Talk! (Feb 23) (1,500 words)

  9. ‘SteppingUpthe(Dualist?)Resistance:theEnglishHighCourtQuashesDomesticMeasures Implementing UN Sanctions’ [2009] EJIL: Talk! (Oct 9) (2,000 words)

  10. ‘TheFirstOrdersbytheSpecialTribunalforLebanon’(2009)13ASILInsights11(Aug7)(3,000 words)

  11. ‘AnEffectiveRemedyforJosefK:CanadianJudge“Defies”SecurityCouncilSanctionsthrough Interpretation’ [2009] EJIL: Talk! (June 19) (4,000 words)

  12. ‘AttributionofConducttoInternationalOrganizationsinPeacekeepingOperations’[2009]EJIL: Talk! (Mar 10) (3,000 words)

  13. ‘LegalityofVetotoNATOAccession:fYRMacedoniaSuesGreecebeforetheICJ’(2008)12ASIL Insights 26 (Dec 29) (2,000 words) [with Markos Karavias]

  14. CaseNotesforOxfordReportsonInternationalLawinDomesticCourtswithanalysis(8,000words total) [www.oxfordlawreports.org]:

o Re Bekir Ousta and ors (Supreme Court) ILDC 831 (GR 2006);
o MES MC and anor v IOPC Fund (Piraeus Appellate Court) ILDC 855 (GR 2004);o MES MC and anor v IOPC Fund (Supreme Court) ILDC 856 (GR 2006);
o Hay v HM Treasury (High Court) ILDC 1367 (UK 2009)

46. ‘A Global Administrative Law Bibliography’ (2005) 68 Law & Contemporary Problems 357–377 [with David Gunton and Mike Livermore]

47. ‘GeneralInternationalLawandInternationalProtectionofHumanRights:onIssavTurkey’(2005) 18 Public Law Applications 154–159 [in Greek]

D. Selected Book Reviews

  1. TheCambridgeCompaniontoInternationalLaw(2011)82BritishYearBookofInternationalLaw 510–512

  2. ThePracticeoftheUnitedNationsinCombatingTerrorismfrom1946to2008(2011)11Human Rights Law Review 803–807

  3. TheConstitutionalizationofInternationalLaw(2011)15EdinburghLawReview339–340

  4. TreatyInterpretationandOntheInterpretationofTreaties(2009)53GermanYearbookof

    International Law 721–724

  5. LepouvoirnormatifduConseildesécurité(2005)58RHDI655–657

  6. NationalImplementationofUnitedNationsSanctions(2005)[www.globallawbooks.org]

  7. LaGrècedevantlaCoureuropéennedesdroitsdel’homme(2004)57RHDI554–555

  8. StateResponsibilityinInternationalLaw(2003)56RHDI285–288

E. Current Projects

(Books etc)

  1. (author)TheSettlementofDisputesinInternationalLaw—InstitutionsandProcedure(second,fully revised edition, under contract: OUP, Oxford) [with John G Collier and Vaughan Lowe]

  2. (editor)ResearchHandbookontheLawofTreaties(inpreparation:EdwardElgar,Cheltenham) (Series: Research Handbooks in International Law) [with Christian J Tams and Andreas Zimmermann]

  3. (editor)DomesticCourtsasAgentsofLegalDevelopment(inpreparation:specialissueoftheLeiden Journal of International Law) [with Christian J Tams]

(Articles etc)

59. ‘TheImplementationofInternationalResponsibilityoftheUNforWrongfulSanctions’inPhotini Pazartzis (ed) State Responsibility: Current and Future Challenges (Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague)

F. Selected Invited Seminars/Lectures and Presentations at Conferences

  1. SymposiumonUnilateralSanctionsandInternationalLaw(HagueCenterforLawandArbitration| Doshisha University): ‘International Responsibility of the European Union for Unilateral Sanctions’ (The Hague, The Netherlands, July 2013)

  2. TacklingComplexityinICCArbitration:RecentExperienceintheInternationalandDomestic Context (ICC International Court of Arbitration | Clifford Chance | Lambadarios): ‘BIT Claims against Greece on Account of the 2012 Sovereign Debt Restructuring’ (Athens, Greece, June 2013)

  3. SanctionsandEmbargoes:InternationalLawandContemporaryPractice(BritishInstituteof International and Comparative Law | Society of Legal Scholars): ‘The Countermeasure of Disobedience: Implementing the Responsibility of International Organisations’ (London, UK, April 2013)

  4. TechnologiesandEffectsofInter-InstitutionalInteraction(NYUSchoolofLaw,Institutefor International Law and Justice) ‘Technologies of Interaction: Courts and Legal Interpretation’ (New York, NY, April 2013)

  5. InternationalLawinaMultipolarWorld(AmericanSocietyofInternationalLaw,107thAnnual Meeting): ‘An Interview with a European Scholar’ [with A Pellet, F Baetens, M Milanović (Washington, DC, April 2013)

  6. Embargosetsanctionsinternationales:entrelégalitéetréalité(Facultélibrededroitetde l’économie de Paris): ‘Les réactions des États aux sanctions illégales’ (Paris, France, February 2013)

  1. SHARESLectureSeries(UniversityofAmsterdam|ACIL|SHARESProject):‘UNSanctionsandtheir Implementation: A Case of Shared Responsibility? (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 2013)

  2. Auxconfinsdujusadbellumetdejusinbello:Retoursurlesinterventionsautoriséesparle Conseil de sécurité, du Kosovo et de l’Afghanistan à la Libye et au Mali (UMPF Grenoble (Grenoble II)—CESICE): ‘L’intervention du Conseil de sécurité dans les conflits internes’ (Grenoble, France, November 2012)

  3. StrengtheningtheRuleofLawthroughtheUnitedNationsSecurityCouncil:TheSecurityCouncil, Sanctions, and the Rule of Law (Australian Government—Asia Pacific Civil-Military Centre of Excellence | Australian National University): ‘Disobeying Sanctions’ (Permanent Mission of Australia to the UN, New York, NY, May 2012)

  4. JudicialConversations:TheRoleofJudicialInstitutionsintheResolutionofInternationalConflicts(Durham University | Modern Law Review): ‘The Role of National Courts in the Development of International Law’ (Durham, UK, April 2012)

  5. Tablerondesurlaresponsabilitédesorganisationsinternationales(UniversitéPaulCézanne— CERIC | Université libre de Bruxelles—CDI): ‘Un État pourrait-il invoquer la théorie des contre- mesures pour justifier son refus d’exécuter une résolution du Conseil de sécurité dont il allèguerait qu’elle viole le droit international (par exemple du fait qu’elle méconnaîtrait les droits fondamentaux) ? [with V Koutroulis] (Aix-en-Provence, France, March 2012)

  6. TheUseofInternationalLawintheDomesticCourts:Past,PresentandFuture(ScottishPublicLaw Group | University of Edinburgh): ‘International Law in Domestic Courts and the Aarhus Convention’ (Edinburgh, UK, February 2012)

  7. DevelopmentsintheLawofStateResponsibility(ILAHellenicBranch|UniversityofAthens):‘The Implementation of the Responsibility of International Organizations’ (Athens, Greece, February 2012)

  8. TransparencyinInternationalLaw(UniversityofBasel|GraduateInstituteofInternationaland Development Studies Geneva): ‘Transparency in the UN Security Council’ (Thun, Switzerland, January 2012)

  9. McCoubreySeminarSeries(UniversityofHull):‘TheInternationalJudicialFunctionofNational Courts’ (Hull, UK, November 2011)

  10. InternationalLegalPositivisminaPostmodernWorld(UniversityofFreiburg|Universityof Amsterdam): ‘International Legal Positivism and the Use of Force’ [with CJ Tams] (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2011)

  11. DomesticCourtsasAgentsofLegalDevelopment(UniversityofAmsterdam|Universityof Glasgow | ILDC): ‘International Law before Domestic Courts—and How to Deal with It’ (Glasgow, UK, May 2011)

  12. ConferenceontheInternationalJudicialFunction(ProjectonInternationalCourtsandTribunals| U Amsterdam | U Genève | Hebrew U Jerusalem | Loyola LA | UCL): ‘The International Judicial Function of National Courts’ (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 2011)

  13. OxfordInstituteforEthics,Law,andArmedConflictSeminarSeries(UniversityofOxford):‘Access to a Court and the Security Council: Implications for Normative Hierarchy’ (Oxford, UK, November 2010)

  14. WorkshopontheUseofInternationalLawinDomesticCourtsinWestAfrica(Universityof Amsterdam | University of Pretoria | Université d’Abomey-Calavi | West African Bar Association): ‘Key Issues in the Relationship between International Law and Municipal Law’ (summary in French); ‘Wrap-up and Closing Remarks’ (summary in French) (Cotonou, Benin, October 2010)

  15. StateResponsibility:LatvianTraditionandContemporaryIssues(RigaGraduateSchoolofLaw): ‘Responsibility for State Reactions to Security Council Sanctions’ (Riga, Latvia, September 2010)

  16. International Law 1989-2010: A Performance Appraisal (ESIL 4th Biennial Conference): ‘The Domestic Court as the “Natural Judge” of International Law: A Change in Physiognomy’ (Cambridge, UK, September 2010)

  17. RoundtableonApplicationofInternationalLawinRegionalandDomesticCourts:Opportunities and Challenges (University of Amsterdam | University of Pretoria | Republic of Uganda–Judicial Studies Institute): Roundtable leader; ‘Introduction to the Issues’; ‘The Relationship between

International Law and Domestic Law: an Overview’; ‘Wrap-up Session and Closing Remarks’ (Kampala, Uganda, July 2010)

  1. HumanRightswithinGeneralInternationalLaw:IsthereaNormativeHierarchy?(Universityof Amsterdam): ‘The UN Security Council and Human Rights’ (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2009) and (Dublin, Ireland, May 2010)

  2. ILDCAnnualTrainingColloquium(ILDC|OUP):‘WritingaGoodAnalysisofCasesInvolving International Law in Domestic Courts’ (Nottingham, UK, November 2009)

  3. ChallengingActsofInternationalOrganizationsbeforeNationalCourts(UniversityofVienna): ‘Domestic Court Reactions to UN Security Council Sanctions’ (Vienna, Austria, September 2009)

  4. UnityorFragmentationofInternationalLaw:theRoleofInternationalandNationalTribunals(University of Oslo | University of Amsterdam | ILDC): ‘Judicial Dialogue in Multi-level Governance: The Impact of the Solange Argument’ (Oslo, Norway, May 2009)

  5. SecondOxford-MunichSeminar:CurrentTopicsinInternationalLaw(UniversityofOxford| Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München): ‘Sources of UN International Obligations with respect to Security Council Action under Chapter VII’ (Berlin, Germany, April 2007)