The Hague Center for Law and Arbitration

Global Network of Professionals

The Hague Center for Law and Arbitration

Global Network of Professionals


Mediation & Arbitration

HCLA strongly believes in the effectiveness of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). As a result, it has formed an elite group that focuses on providing Mediation and Arbitration services to clients around the world.


Educational Programs

In cooperation with the leading universities in the EU, international and regional institutions, HCLA offers advanced training courses.


Legal Services

HCLA Members put their expertise in law, international business and cultural norms into practice for the benefit of clients by offering contractual and consultancy services in various areas.



Call for Cooperation

The HCLA seeks the services of senior legal experts for work on case-law and related legal issues in the CIS region. The HCLA intends to …

Cooperation between HCLA and NL | IC

In line with the HCLA’s mission to expand its world-class services and activities while retaining top-class experts in the fields of international business law, arbitration …

Call for Cooperation: HCLA Program on Health Law and Cross-Border Transactions

Given the HCLA’s commitment to expanding its professional legal and educational services and the very encouraging feedback from academics, government officials, lawyers, managers, and entrepreneurs …

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